What makes an effective logo? While to some extent that question may be as broad as "what is art?", it is an important question for businesses to keep in mind when creating a new brand, keeping consistency within the brand they already have, or rebranding. Here are several things consider when evaluating your branding:

Is your logo appropriate? 

Does your logo speak to the correct audience for your business? Do the colors, fonts, and graphics speak to not only the title of your business, but also the purpose. 

Is your logo memorable? 

Is there some element of your logo, whether it be font, color, or graphic that makes it stand out and independently represent your brand? And, yes, you want your logo to be interesting, but is is so cluttered and busy that someone won't be able to recall your logo at the mention of your business' name (or even worse want to look away because it is just too much)? Which leads into...

Is your logo simple? 

Now, this doesn't have to mean your logo needs to be as simple as the Nike swoosh or the Target bullseye, but it is something to seriously consider. While you want your business name to be present for someone who may be unfamiliar with you as of yet, you also may not want to overwhelm a logo with all the text you can think of. There is a time and a place for email, phone numbers, and addresses, and that doesn't need to be solidly embedded in your logo. 

Is your logo versatile? 

When you turn your logo from full color to one color, is it just as effective? This may not seem incredibly important (and you might always want your logo in color!). However, if you are ever want to keep costs down by printing a single color logo on a promotional product, or place an ad that can only be in black and white, you may have to consider the incredible importance of a logo that can be versatile.

New logo or old, Med City is here to help your brand have a strong, consistent voice and be represented in it's best light.